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Keep your boat in a perfect state of tune, make necessary repairs, or upgrade appearance and performance, no matter what you want to do with your vessel you can accomplish it with parts from BOATiD. We have maintenance products to help ensure many hours of reliable operation, quality, affordable replacement parts so you can make repairs and quickly get back to cruising when components do wear out, and component upgrades guaranteed to boost your boating enjoyment. Our digital shelves are packed with a huge selection of parts & hardware for every type of pleasure boat including fishing boats, cabin cruisers, bowriders, center consoles, and cuddy cabins – all ready for delivery right to your door with just a phone call or a few keystrokes.

There’s no mystery to getting many hours of dependable service from your boat – it requires a regimen of preventive maintenance. We recommend that you follow a maintenance schedule that’s appropriate for your craft and see us for everything needed to get the job done right. We have all the essentials for getting your boat ready for the season, regular maintenance during the season, and when you’re winterizing. Our selection includes engine oil and oil change pumps; transmission, stern drive/lower unit, hydraulic steering, and power tilt & trim fluids for changes and topping off; coolant for closed cooling systems; lubricants and grease for areas like steering systems and propeller shafts; engine oil filters, air filter/flame arrestors, fuel filters and fuel/water separators; spark plugs and ignition wires; cooling hoses, alternator/water pump serpentine and V-drive belts, battery cables, and much more. And if you need some maintenance and repair guidance, we have service manuals that are filled with specifications, easy to follow maintenance, repair and diagnostic procedures, and dozens of helpful illustrations.

If you’re staying on top of your maintenance checks, you’ll spot parts before they’re completely gone or create additional damage and expense. Nevertheless, even with proper maintenance, parts will eventually require replacement, and some can fail unexpectedly, and when they do we have what you need to make repairs and get back at the helm. In addition to basic ignition parts like plugs, wires, distributor caps and rotors, we have ignition coils and modules, and complete distributor assemblies. You can get reduced maintenance, and improved accuracy and dependability by replacing points & condenser with an electronic ignition conversion and get even more performance with a marine CD (Capacitive Discharge) ignition system. If you’re having fuel delivery problems we have the parts for every stage of the system including tanks and fuel level sending units, lines and connectors, electric and mechanical pumps, fuel valves and tank vents, and carburetors.

Whether your boat’s engine is in need of an overhaul or you just want to repair a leak, we have the engine parts for the job. Here you’ll find pistons, camshafts, complete rebuild kits, engine monitoring systems, gaskets and much more. We also have complete inboard, outboard, and trolling motors. Boat engines can be cooled in two ways. The older, traditional system uses “raw” water, the same water the boat floats in, that is drawn in through a strainer and pumped through the engine water jackets and out through the exhaust. Most newer engines have a closed cooling system that usually pumps a 50/50 mixture of water and anti-freeze through the engine water jackets and through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is like an automotive radiator except that raw water is the cooling medium instead of air. No matter which system your boat is equipped with we have the parts when service is needed including cooling pumps, thermostats, water intakes and water strainers.

If you’ve experienced a dead battery, dim lights and other electrical system problems and, once charged the battery tests OK and all electrical connections are good, you may have a bad alternator. We have replacement alternators, stators, and rectifiers and regulators. And if when you turn the ignition key you get nothing or just a click, we have everything to repair your starting system from the ignition switch, to starter relays and solenoids, to complete starter assemblies for inboard and outboard engines. Anything else you would need to keep a marine electrical system “shipshape” is also here including shore power cords, distribution panels, relays, wiring & connectors, battery switches and fuses, and power converters, inverters, and inverter/chargers. Inverter chargers can charge batteries when connected to AC power at the dock, but also convert DC power to AC to operate common household current powered electronics. Modified sine wave inverters are fine for running basic appliances but may produce unwanted noise when operating some equipment and can even damage sensitive electronics over time. Pure sine wave inverters are more expensive but produce the same kind of power that comes from the grid, so you can expect optimal performance from any AC device.

Boats are in a constant battle against corrosion caused by electrolysis. Sacrificial anodes, commonly called “zincs”, although they can be made of other metals including aluminum and magnesium, are used to prevent damage. In short, the anodes corrode instead of the boat. We have a large selection of anodes in many sizes and styles, and for mounting in all the usual locations. Speaking of corrosion, engine exhaust manifolds and risers on boats can corrode and allow the raw water that is exiting the cooling system to enter the engine’s cylinders and cause serious damage. We have the replacements as well as gaskets, mufflers and exhaust boots.

Boats can be equipped with electronic or mechanical controls and have hydraulic or mechanical steering, and you’ll find replacements parts and upgrades for all these systems right here. We have steering wheels in many styles with stainless steel or coated rims; hydraulic pumps, hoses, steering cylinders, and complete hydraulic steering kits; mechanical steering helms and cables; single and dual lever electronic controls, control pads, and wireless remotes; and side mount and top mount mechanical controls, control cables, replacement knobs and boots. Propeller condition is crucial to any powerboat’s performance and the propeller, propeller shaft and seal should be inspected regularly. Our propeller selection is vast and includes propellers with from 2 to 5 blades, in diameters from 3 ½” to 19 ½”, with pitch from 4” to 28”, and in materials including stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, plastic, glass-filled, and Nibral. We also have the gear that can improve your craft’s performance including trim tabs, hydrofoils, and bow thrusters.

Any vessel of substantial size is equipped with a bilge pump to get rid of unwanted water from rainfall, water spray and water seepage through fittings. The pump comes on when a certain level of water is detected or when manually activated. These pumps can become worn or fail if neglected and they are forced to pump in the presence of significant debris. We offer a variety of bilge pumps and pump controls as well as many other boat plumbing needs including water tanks, hoses, fittings, water boilers, faucets and other fixtures, and electric and manual marine toilets. A bilge blower is another hull mainstay and required for safety. Gasoline fumes can accumulate in the bilge and explode if exposed to spark, such as could occur when starting the engine. The blower should always be engaged for several minutes before starting the engine to rid the bilge of fumes. In addition to bilge blowers you’ll find many ventilation products in this section to keep your cabin comfortable including hatches, fans, dehumidifiers, vents, and air conditioner and heating units.

We have many other products that can help to make your boat the place to be. We have T-tops and bimini tops to provide shade, comfortable seats and adjustable seat pedestals, and many types of boat deck hardware and handrails. Adding mirrors to your boat can make it easier to be aware of your surroundings, so you won’t have to keep turning around. They’re especially useful if you don’t have a spotter with you and you’re towing a skier or wakeboarder. We have a large selection of permanent and temporary mount models to choose from. Vital information is yours at a glance with our marine gauges and instruments. In addition to traditional engine related gauges like tachometers, pressure and temperature gauges, and fuel level gauges, we have many instruments specially designed for watercraft including hourmeters, depth gauges, trim gauges, rudder angle displays, and wind speed and direction displays. Our selection includes digital and analog gauges and instruments, multi-function displays that can depict data from several sources at the same time, the necessary sending units, and gauge sets in many styles for an integrated, cohesive dash appearance.

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