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Equipping your boat with the right electronics will increase your safety and make all your voyages more enjoyable. With the boating & marine electronics you’ll find here on our digital shelves you can stay connected when you’re out of cell phone range, get weather reports, and get help in an emergency; know your position on the water and in relation to the shore, and be able to chart your course; be able to detect other boats and floating debris in fog and darkness; know the location, type, speed, and heading of other ships in the area; be aware of the water depth under your boat and see where the fish are; view all this information on a multi-function display; charge batteries and run 120V electric devices, and be entertained with premium quality sound.

Marine electronics are a cut above the average stereos, radios, and navigation systems you would purchase for car or home use. They have to be to withstand the harsh marine environment, with moisture, salt air and salt water that would short out and corrode ordinary components. We know how important it is to have reliable equipment when you’re out on the water, so we’ve gathered the best from the industry’s top brands for your selection. All our marine electronics are made of high-grade materials and feature coatings or plating that enable them to be water, UV, and corrosion resistant, and some components are even designed to be waterproof.

Communications equipment is the most important electronic gear on any boat. VHF radio allows you to send out a distress signal in case of emergency, get weather reports, and communicate with other vessels and the shore. A VHF radio has a range of up to 50 miles and is far more reliable than a cell phone on the open water where cell phone service is inconsistent or nonexistent. Modern VHF radios are equipped with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) which, in conjunction with the unit’s built-in GPS or when connected to an external GPS, automatically relays your vessel’s position when you send out a distress signal. We offer a wide range of fixed mount, hand-held, and portable VHF radios. Another communication option is a satellite phone. Unlike cell phones, which rely on a network of cell phone towers and can provide spotty coverage, and VHF radio, which has a limited range, global satellites and satellite phones provide a reliable connection no matter where you are.

Next to communication, navigation and the ability to get to your destination and back again are of most importance. We have GPS chartplotters that come with and without pre-loaded charts. Some of those with charts allow you to store marks/waypoints, create routes, and track points. We also have electronic charts for just about every part of the world that can be loaded to your device. Here you’ll also find combination fish finder/chartplotters, available with and without transducers. With an AIS (Automatic Identification System) transceiver, available with and without display, you’ll know the number, location, speed, and heading of boats in your area that are equipped with AIS, and those vessels in turn will know your craft’s position, so collisions can be avoided. In addition, we also have marine compasses, GPS and AIS antennas, and complete marine navigation systems with multi-function displays that allow you to view charts, radar, sonar, and even control sound systems and monitor engine function.

With their ability to show you where you are on the water in relation to the shore and other vessels, GPS chartplotters and AIS are valuable boating safety tools, but charts can be inaccurate and will not display uncharted objects, and all boats do not have AIS transceivers. Radar, however, will detect any object, in fog, darkness and any kind of weather, and it’s the best way to avoid collisions. We offer both open array radar for large boats and radome radars that are appropriate for smaller vessels, as well as systems that come complete with a display. Knowing what’s under your boat is essential to keep from running aground, but it’s also crucial for anglers in search of fish. We offer depth finders that will digitally display the depth of water under your boat, and you can view graphic images with sonar modules that can be linked to a multi-function display and with the previously mentioned fish finder/chartplotters. Some products show what’s directly beneath your boat while others also display what’s behind and to the sides, with select models displaying images in 3D. Some products come with a transducer, but we also offer your choice of individual transom mount, in-hull, and through-hull transducers.

Marine autopilot is a self-steering system that allows you to set a course, which the boat will automatically maintain, without requiring any steering input on your part. Specific components will vary according to the design of the craft’s steering system, but in general include a control unit where you input the course; sensors that provide input to the control unit, such as a compass, heading sensor, or rate/gyro compass; and the drive unit, which may consist of an electric motor that acts on the steering system or a hydraulic drive pump for hydraulically steered craft. Feedback sensors are used in some systems to provide rudder position input to the control unit. Some control units are self-contained while others consist of a separate display and computer, and some systems even feature remote control. We offer autopilot kits for all types of steering systems as well as separate control units, computers, compasses and sensors, drives and pumps, and feedbacks.

With our selection of marine cameras, you can see what’s going on around your boat, both long range and close-in, and monitor what’s happening inside, both day and night. We have fixed mount and hand-held cameras, visible light cameras and thermal imaging cameras that can dramatically increase boating safety in darkness, and multi-function displays that will, as part of a network, allow you to view several camera feeds at the same time as well as charts, sonar and radar images, and more. Externally mounted cameras are ideal for docking maneuvers, piloting large boats through crowded harbors and avoiding buoys and other vessels, and of course, cameras are an integral part of any security surveillance system. Many of our cameras feature IP (Internet Protocol) connectivity, so images can be viewed on a computer network and the Internet.

Vital information is yours at a glance with our marine gauges and instruments. In addition to traditional engine related gauges like tachometers, pressure and temperature gauges, and fuel level gauges, we have many instruments specially designed for watercraft including hourmeters, depth gauges, trim gauges, rudder angle displays, and wind speed and direction displays. Our selection includes digital and analog gauges and instruments, multi-function displays that can depict data from several sources at the same time, the necessary sending units, and gauge sets in many styles for an integrated, cohesive dash appearance. The stereo equipment we offer, including receivers, amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers, is specially designed to deliver premium sound in the unique watercraft environment, with plenty of power to provide high fidelity in the open air. We offer AM/FM receivers with tuner presets, many that allow inputs for external devices and/or are Bluetooth enabled so you can stream music from mobile devices; 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8-channel amplifiers in a wide range of power, from 50W to 3500W; fully enclosed and flush mount speakers; and box mount and flush mount subwoofers.

You need an on-board power source for all your electronic equipment, and we have you covered with an extensive selection of marine batteries. Batteries are available for starting, deep cycle continuous power use, and dual purpose, which provide power for starting and continuous operation. We also offer isolators and automatic charging relays to ensure that all batteries receive current for charging but isolate the batteries when discharging so a weak battery won’t draw down a fully charged battery, so you won’t be left stranded with a starting battery that doesn’t have enough cranking power to start the engine. Our chargers are available in wide range of amperages, with some models capable of recharging several battery banks at the same time. We also offer inverter chargers that can charge batteries when connected to AC power at the dock, but also convert DC power to AC to operate common household current powered electronics. And to help you get everything wired, check out our selection of cables and connectors.

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I hook up to my Helix 7 and everyone who has seen it wants one. After a few change-overs from boat to ice and back again reformatting the program to match the use becomes more intuitive. This system meets my needs perfectly from an economic viewpoint as well as performance in the field.
Posted by Jon (Albert Lea, MN) / February 13, 2020
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