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Like any vehicle operated at night, a boat must have lights, however, unlike wheeled motor vehicles with their familiar headlights and tail lights, watercraft have unique lighting requirements. In addition to navigation and anchoring lights, which are the minimum prerequisites for safe and legal operation, boats can be equipped with deck lights, and work, flood, and spread beams to illuminate fishing decks and other areas; courtesy and utility lights to light up cabins and compartments; spot lights, search beams and light bars to penetrate the darkness both near and far for navigation, fishing, and illuminating the shore or spots on the water; docking lights to light up the dock and help guide the way when you’re pulling into a slip; and underwater lights for nighttime fishing. You’ll find these lights and many more marine lighting products right here on our digital shelves. We offer halogen, LED and HID lighting products and everything from bulbs to light fixtures to flexible and rigid light strips.

Our marine lights are a cut above the average lighting products you would purchase for car or home use. They have to be to withstand the harsh marine environment, with moisture, salt air and salt water that would short out, corrode and weather ordinary components. We know how important it is to have reliable equipment when you’re out on the water, so we’ve gathered the best from the industry’s top brands for your selection. All our boat lights are made of marine-grade materials and have features like heavy-duty circuitry and wire sheathing, waterproof seals, and coatings or plating that enable them to be water, UV, and corrosion resistant.

We offer many types of bright and affordable halogen lights, but whether you’re making repairs or adding additional lighting to your boat, why not use the opportunity to upgrade to HID or LED lights. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are 2-3 times brighter than halogens and more vibration resistant. Unlike halogen bulbs that create light by heating a filament, in HID bulbs an arc is passed between 2 electrodes inside the bulb that ignites xenon or metal halide gas. A ballast is used to convert DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current) and supply the high voltage needed to create the spark, but once the spark is initiated it takes much less power to sustain, which is why Xenon bulbs are charging system and battery friendly. In many automotive applications the ballast is external to the light; however, our marine HID lights have internal ballasts for durability and ease of mounting.

But as you can see, most of our lights develop their illumination using powerful, efficient, and durable LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Unlike incandescent bulbs with fragile filaments that can fail due to vibration, LEDs are semiconductors that produce light when current is applied. They’re insensitive to vibration, and produce light that is much brighter, and when used in directed lighting applications like spot lights, search lights and light bars the beam extends further ahead, so you can see far into the distance. LED lights are also highly energy efficient and draw much less current than comparable incandescent bulbs, so installing them won’t strain batteries and electrical systems.

According to USCG (United States Coast Guard) regulations, recreational vessels are required to display navigation lights between sunset and sunrise and whenever weather conditions like fog, rain, and haze restrict visibility. Powerboats less than 39.4’ (12 meters) in length must have separate or combination red (port) and green (starboard) sidelights, and white masthead and stern lights or one all-round white light. Powerboats from 39.4’ (12 meters) to 65.5’ (20 meters) in length must have separate red and green sidelights, and white masthead and stern lights. Sailboats must have separate or combination red and green sidelights, a white stern light or a tricolor (red, green, and white) masthead light. When anchored at night, all vessels must display a white all-round light that can be seen from all directions. Our selection of navigation lights is quite large, so you can get the shape, style, and finish that is the most appropriate for your vessel.

Navigation lights are a necessity, but you’ll need many more lights for safe and enjoyable nighttime boating. No matter what size or type of craft you own or what you use it for, we have the lights for the job. With our wide range of deck lights, flood lights, and spreader lights, you’ll be able to illuminate all parts of the deck, cockpit, boarding areas and more. We have flush mount and surface mount deck lights in round, square and rectangular shapes and many styles and finishes, that can be used for accent lighting, illuminating fishing decks, and more. Flood lights and spreader lights can be mounted on masts, T-tops, bimini tops and wakeboard towers and used to illuminate the deck, cockpit, and other areas below. You’ll be able to see buoys and other navigation aids, and anything else floating on the water at night as well as the shoreline with our LED light bars and search lights. We have flood and spot light bars and combo bars that include both spot and flood beams, and these are also ideal for mounting on T-tops and wakeboard towers. Many of our search lights feature wireless operation with permanent mount or hand-held remote control.

With our courtesy and utility lights you’ll be able to add illumination, safety, and atmosphere to compartments, bunks, companion ways, and other below deck areas. We have an extensive collection of flush mount and surface mount styles and finishes, many that are available in choice of color, that are perfect for mounting on the ceiling, under cabinets, lockers, and storage bins, livewells, and more. When you’re pulling up to a dock or into a slip at night, our docking lights will provide the brightness needed to safely guide your vessel and help prevent contact that could cause damage. We offer both surface mount docking lights and recessed lights that require cutting into the hull. We also have a variety of lights to illuminate the dock including solar powered posts and pilings.

Electronic gear like fish finders can show where the fish are, but if you install LED underwater lights on the hull you can attract them right to your boat. Insects and zooplankton are attracted to light in particular colors, and the bait fish that feed on them will also be drawn in, followed by the predators that in turn feed on them, which are usually the game fish that anglers are after. We offer both surface mount and thru-hull underwater lights. Surface mount lights only require a small hole for wiring, while thru-hull lights require a larger hole for the light itself. Our lights are available in your choice of colors, plus we offer RGB color changing lights that can illuminate in an infinite range of colors if you also want to create underwater special effects. And if you want to make an even more stunning visual display, we also have a selection of rigid and flexible LED light strips, available in your choice of colors, for above and below the water line on your boat and for livening up the dock.

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This is exactly as stated. It has a switch. It is bright white and new in package. It was easy to install and VERY bright!
Posted by Donna (Apollo Beach, FL) / December 26, 2022
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